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It can be used directly for trading
Good faith
Good faith

Integrity-based, service first, strict compliance with the supervision of no conflict of interest


Industry knowledge, trading technology, small white training, advanced level of the master, no professional, not

The efficiency of
The efficiency of

Innovative trading technology, trading platform and dynamic trading tools


Customer trading capital account is 100% isolated from platform operating account

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With our professional and integrity to win your trust, from the PC to the mobile Internet have the service you want!

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With technology and focus, the work through the combination of art and technology, to create a fine case.

Innovative trading technology, dynamic trading tools, fast and secure payment
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One-to-one one-stop professional consultant and experienced analyst support.We have achieved the highest level of professionalism in the world
MSB financial regulation
MSB financial regulation
Take orders through STP bridge to the ECN matching system according to the best principle fair deal
Flexible lever
Flexible selection and on-demand distribution
Ultra-thin spread
Real 3 kinds of account type choice, liquidity abundant, try to save for you
CRM system
Domain statistics powerful, at any time to view various reports, account dynamics, easy to manage customer relations
Value-added services
Brand construction, operation management, technology support, marketing model, four in one
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